Monday, April 17, 2017

Reflection: April 17 through May 28


            We leap so quickly from project to project that we forget to settle down for reflection. So, as we reach the end of the academic year, we pause to look back on God’s presence in our lives. We meditate on the gifts God has delivered into our lives and on the strengths God has given to others. We examine our shortcomings as members of God’s community and look forward to improvement in the future. In reflection, we will uncover the aspects of our faith that are so often hidden under the stresses of our lives.
            Reflection should not be an act of over-analysis or anxious thinking. We intend to make these devotions a celebration, rooted in thankfulness for all God has given us in the past. We will recognize the gifts of our community and all who have helped us during this academic year. We hope this reflection will make us more appreciative and intentional people as we look forward to the future.

            May our recognition of the joys and accomplishments of this year give us hope for the possibilities God holds for us in the years to come.

As we look forward to Summer and look back on this school year, please enjoy this collection of photos of Gustavus's beautiful campus and reflect on your own experiences in whatever communities you may inhabit.

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