Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grace: February 15 through April 16

            Grace is a word used so often in our society and our faith that the word may seem drained of meaning. We hear of God’s unconditional grace for us and yet we continue to pass judgment on others and ourselves, constantly frustrated by the shortcomings of others and by our own failings. Because of this, we must take this time to make grace an intentional practice, so that we may live the truth of Jesus’ forgiveness for humanity every day.
            We begin our search for grace in acceptance. We can learn to appreciate our minds and bodies as God has created us. We can strive to see imperfection as an essential characteristic of humanity. Through embracing God’s gift of salvation through grace alone, we are freed to give up the pursuit of earning God’s love. This means forgiving ourselves for past mistakes. This means loving others despite their flaws.

            As we look forward to Easter and the Resurrection, we choose to make grace real again by practicing acceptance and forgiveness in our own lives.

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