Friday, October 7, 2016

October 7: Appreciation of the Wonders of God’s Natural World

            While we may hold a subconscious awareness of the natural world, we often turn towards the industrial and the human-made. So we take this time to meditate on the beautiful complexity of nature. We appreciate the care God put into nature’s smallest parts, from the structure of individual leaves to the scales on butterfly wings. We feel awe at the landscapes God has sculpted, from lakes to mountains to oceans. We commit ourselves to showing our appreciation by protecting and preserving the wonders of Creation.

           Bonus Idea for Contemplation: This lotus was spotted growing in the Botanical Gardens of Penang, Malaysia. Lotus flowers are particularly important to Buddhist practices. Lotuses symbolize purity in the midst of impurity, as lotuses are beautiful flowers which spring up untouched from the muddy water. Consider the implications of this symbol to your own faith, how you can care for your spirit in our often muddy world. Consider what even the smallest parts of Creation can teach us.

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