Thursday, August 25, 2016

Discovery: September 2 through October 20

We recognize that God has created a world of infinite complexities. Each of God’s people houses a rich inner life and a wealth of potential. At the beginning of this school year, we commit ourselves to the discovery of these wondrous creations.
            We ask for God’s guidance as we uncover new relationships, new interests, and new purposes in our lives here on campus. We thank God for providing us with many teachers, from Jesus Christ and Disciples to the people who emulate Jesus’s teachings on Earth today. We take this time to recognize what is often forgotten, mainly the gifts of God found in ourselves and in others.
             As with all beginnings, we feel a sense of opportunity at the start of this new academic year. Let us thank God for all that lies before us. May we use our pursuit of discovery to glorify God’s name and to help God’s creation.

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